What Do I Do If I Need To Cancel My Order?

Published on: Tue-03 01:37pm

  1. Products that are offered for sale via the Website are made-to-order for each Buyer by the respective Sellers. Accordingly, the following applies to refunds and returns for any Products purchased by a Buyer:

    1. Orders for Products may be cancelled by the Buyer within twenty-four (24) hours from the date and time of purchase (“ 24 Hour Cancellation Period”) for a refund of funds paid to the Buyer’s original payment method (subject to processing and transaction fees or US$ 150). RobotCompanion must receive the cancellation request within the 24 Hour Cancellation Period – no exceptions can be made. The following terms apply after the 24 Hour Cancellation Period:

      1. Dolls is a custom product that is created especially for Buyer. After the 24 hour period, an order will be processed and cannot be cancelled for any reason.

      2. RobotCompanion will confirm order details via email with Buyer, if Buyer confirms the order details as correct, starting from that moment the order cannot be cancelled or returned for any reason. If Buyers want to modify, edit or upgrade the order he has to reach out RobotCompanion asap in order to request the changes and to see if the changes are possible.

      3. If for exceptional reasons the cancellation is accepted by Seller after the 24 Hours Cancellation Period. The cancellation will be subject to a Seller’s restocking fee (“ Restocking Fee”) of fifty percent (50.0%) from the value of the Product order. RobotCompanion will provide to Buyer a refund of funds paid minus the Restocking Fee to the Buyer’s original payment method and other fees may apply such as processing and transaction fees.

After a Product is shipped to Buyer, THE SALE IS FINAL, and it cannot be cancelled or returned for any reason.

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