How Do I Move My Robot Companion Doll?

Published on: Fri-03 01:36pm

The best way to move your robot doll is to have it put on a rolling chair such as a wheelchair or office chair. This makes it easier for you to avoid injury and it is less likely the robot doll will be dropped. When this is not an option, either lift robot doll in the bridal lift (one arm behind the shoulders, the other beneath the knees) and lift with your knees rather than your back, or lift robot doll from under its arms to carry it. Make sure to keep the hands in a protected position crossed over robot doll’s chest, or over your shoulders to avoid damage when the doll is set down. For sex, you can use sex swings, light bondage kits and pillows to lift and pose your robot doll for play. When bending a joint, use a firm two-handed grip with one hand on either side of the joint. Firmly and slowly move the joint to the desired position being careful not to twist the M-TPE skin unnaturally. Never try to pull your robot doll towards you by the hands as this can severely damage the wrists.

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